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Our Events

S.Monica-2010S.Monica 2010-1Song and Dance Gipcy Event on Santa Monica City
2010 Cnina Flag-Sept.19 2010 Madrioshka-3 sm National China and America's Flag Raising Ceremony at Barnes Park Amphitheater, LA County.
2010 Intl Arts Festival 1 news 2010 Intl Arts Festival 2 news International Arts Festival - Award Ceremony and Gala concert at Performing Arts Center in Baldwin Park, CA
2010 Chinese Festival 1 news 2010 Chinese Festival 2 news International Folk Dance Competition in Alhambra, CA, which brought "Showtime-Katusha" a FIRST PLACE in the dance category with our new dance "Zima"!!!
2010 Den Pobedi "Victory Day" (День Победы) concert at Plummer Park - West Hollywood.
2010 Happy notes news "Happy Notes" 10 Years Anniversary concert at Plummer Park - West Hollywood.
2010 Russian Style babushky news Performing at Folk Annual Festival "Russian Style" at West Hollywood Park.
Russian celebration 2010 news Russian Celebration 2010 2 n Our SECOND ANNUAL HOSTED FESTIVAL! "Showtime-Katusha" presented a "Russian Celebration" Festival at Tarzana, CA, sponsored by the L.A. County Arts Committee. The undertaking was GREAT SUCCESS!!! DVDs available.
2010 Plummer Park - Jazz - news JAZZ Concert at Plummer Park.
2010 Maslenitsa RUSSIAN MASLENITSA concert at our Church!